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The group was founded in 2012 by a small collective of early-stage CFOs who observed that there seemed to be a distinct lack of quality meetups for the finance startup community, particularly when compared with their tech and marketing counterparts.

The formation of the group was motivated by a desire to bring together senior finance professionals to actively contribute to discussions, collaborate in solving common issues and engage in meeting their peer group at events.

We see great value in collectively pooling our knowledge and sharing experiences. It is this collective behavior that allows us to run high-quality events for professionals in startups and deploy our skills to help build amazing businesses.



In order for the community to have real value, both online and at events, the group has defined values we expect members to adhere to.


We ask members to share knowledge whilst being respectful of confidential aspects, to be helpful to those seeking input from others and to keep in mind the broad spectrum of experience within the group.


It goes without saying that we don’t allow unsolicited promotional activities at events or within the regular online